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It's too simplistic and doesn't have any of the charm your art normally has (PMD-E included) in fact where you cut corners it shows and...


I took this from :iconsaintpumpkinmuffin:

Using this random generator:…
# of Pokemon: 1
Pokedex Region: National Dex
Pokemon Type: Any
Exclude Legends: No
Exclude Not From Evolution (Pokemon that have not evolved): No

Then generate ONLY ONE Pokémon per question. If you get the same Pokémon twice, that is okay. Some questions require you to have more than one Pokémon, so in that case switch the generator # of Pokémon to the required amount needed."

1. You look to this Pokémon when you are in need of help in emergencies.


(Well OK then. I find it accurate this popped up when I took this from :iconsaintpumpkinmuffin:. And this Pokemon does anything but help me.)

2. People say you act a lot like this Pokémon.


(What? Yes, I actually got this! I think this Pokemon was like made for me.

I screenshotted this it was so perfect.…

3. People say you look a lot like this Pokémon.

4. This Pokémon is your favorite shiny.

5. You sometimes mistake this Pokémon as your favorite legend.

6. This Pokémon is the most loyal to you.

7. This Pokémon wants to kill you.

(What'd I ever do to you? I've got my eye on your Sursy. As well as all my Surskits in my games.)

8. This Pokémon is in love with you.

(Well Altaria is kind of loving and very caring.)

9. This Pokemon is jealous of you for all the wrong reasons.

(Look I like Pichu more but I liked Igglybuff once. He's just my least (to second least) favorite of the baby Pokemon of Gen 2.)

10. This Pokemon watches you sleep.

(So it silently stares at me. Lovely. :iconscaredplz:)
11. This Pokemon stole your bed.

(Shouldn't you be in a tree?)
12. This Pokemon shares the same interests as you.

(It's jumpy and easily spooked and judges people. And stares at people. I think this is accurate.)
13. This Pokemon is your husband/wife.

14. You had triplets, these 3 Pokemon are your children.

(This is so perfect. Delibird the kid who has to do all the work and he may be a bit uppity and full of himself and pick on his siblings or help them depending on his mood.

Burmy the well behaved middle child.

And Scrafty the youngest trouble maker.)

15. This Pokemon massages your feet.

(Hey done right that could feel amazing. Done wrong that could be a horribly painful experience.)

16. This Pokemon lives under your bed.

(:iconshockplz: That little sneak. That's so disturbing to me.)

17. Your missing Pokemon game was stolen by this Pokemon.

18. This Pokemon is in the mood to drink a million cans of Pepsi.

19. This Pokemon (in shiny form) defeated your most powerful Pokemon, although they are only level 1.

20. Finally... This Pokemon is you.

(I think Banette is more fitting. I can't think of being like this Pokemon at all. Except the females look cool.)


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A humble artist, an outspoken, sarcastic and blunt girl.

My art ranges from Icons, Cute, and Creepy.


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