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It's too simplistic and doesn't have any of the charm your art normally has (PMD-E included) in fact where you cut corners it shows and...


I need cameos.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 10:06 PM
I need cameos!

My Nuzlocke is sadly not very cameo heavy, but this page I need cameos. (To be honest, I wanted them for the above reason!) 

But there's a catch:

1. First off, don't be surprised if your trainer is a bit redesigned. I don't want everyone to look like a main character (even the MC of my Nuzlocke doesn't). I apologize for this, but it's for the setting. The MC of the games exist, and the MC of my Nuzlocke is NOT Serena, though she exists in the setting. Everyone works this way in this universe. (I will try to run them by you and keep their vibe though, don't get me wrong! Think of them as your character in my setting, basically.) 

2. And this is the big one, it's fitting a theme for the setting. A character is explaining how certain people match certain starters and certain Pokemon types better (as if they were made for each other), especially in extreme situations. And what those traits are.

To give a rough summary:

:bulletred: Fire types: Stubborn and headstrong and burns through anything in its path with a fire-y stubborn rage.
:bulletgreen: Grass types: Calm, careful, and logical, often reliable.
:bulletblue: Water types:
 Fun loving, and easy going go with the flow attitude that can adapt fairly well. (At times a bit immature/childish.)
:bulletblack: Dark types: Prickly and hard to approach, a little hard around the edges, but not inherently awful.
:bulletpurple: Ghost types: Lonely and a bit off. 
:bulletpink: Psychic types: Logical and often quite-skilled, but often quite prideful.
:bulletyellow: Normal types: Often charming but rarely excelling. An underdog in many ways, but often reliable.
:bulletblack: Fighting types: Very simple, about what you see is what you get. Often well meaning in their goals though.
:bulletorange: Flying types: They have some of the adaptability of water (as well as some of the cheer and fun loving nature, though to a lesser extent), and the charm of normal. They find themselves at a talented normal/average. (Like water they can be a tad immature, and forgive the pun, but flighty.)
:bulletblack: Steel types: Solid, stable, and with an iron will. They can be quite stubborn but often in a more rational way. Their resolve is strong and quite impressive. 
:bulletyellow: Electric Types: They are as all over the place as they come. One minute a force to be reckoned with, another something easily taken care of. Random and spontaneous they can be hard to follow. Their potential is great, however. If they can ever reign it in.
:bulletblue: Dragon types: Majestic and intimidating, they have an elegance few others do. Greatly imposing and a force to be reckoned with. 
:bulletblack: Ground types: Sturdy and a bit stubborn, though no where near as much as steel. Perhaps even a bit old fashioned and slow to adapt. Often well meaning, though. Can be very calm or very rash, often rarely in the middle. 
:bulletblack: Rock types: Strong willed and at times even hostile. But solid nonetheless, if you can ignore the rough around the edges bit. A strong ally, and often well rounded. They can be lazy, however.
:bulletgreen: Bug Types: Often hard working, and at times even stubborn, they are rarely skilled, but they try hard. 
:bulletwhite: Ice types: Cold, solid, and elegant. Extremely skilled in some regards, and extremely lacking in others. They all have their own form of special beauty. 
:bulletpink: Fairy Types: Elegant, charming, and often found with an air of nobility. Their moves are beautiful, elegant, or cute. Can often hide a strong hidden side. 
:bulletpurple: Poison types: This is an argued point in the nuzlocke, with one character calling them "likely sneaky and slimy, and manipulative, maybe deceptive, and untrustworthy" with the main character arguing she doesn't believe any Pokemon type is inherently evil. The revelation of this typing's true nature is part of the point of the Nuzlocke, as such this typing isn't up for grabs. 

3. It does NOT have to be your Nuzlocke character! If you want to use a different Pokemon character from the games you have, you can. (For instance my self insert is a Hex Maniac ghost trainer. Like literally doing an all Ghost Run for her. You can have this cameoed as well.)

4. There's limited slots, and for each typing. (At most 3 for each typing, I'd prefer two.)

5. No legendaries. No one is linked to a Legendary. This is a no Legendary run, and frankly, the Protagonist doesn't even meet one. 

Bonus optional rules:

6. I would prefer the Pokemon they are placed beside (of your choosing) is fully evolved. If you like a Pokemon from a line that's not fully evolved, I'd prefer you choose it's evolution but you don't have to. 

7. This is completely optional, but the theme of the Nuzlocke is everyone fits a trainer class (no they don't all dress/look the same), cameos are the exception to this, but if you want you can choose a trainer class. Just make sure it fits the typing you've chosen and your trainer. I will run this by you if you ask. For instance, Molly is a Lady as such she uses expensive items (a rule of the Nuzlocke is the need to tip as much as possible, and pay as much as possible), Ken is a Roughneck so he uses a Poison type. Kelly is a Guitarist, so she uses poison and electric types. Lyla is a Maid so she varies, but she dresses like a maid. Keep in mind it does slightly have more to do with role in the world (Molly's more of a Lady because she's rich and grew up proper, then her item usage, Ken is more of a Roughneck because he's in a gang, then his Pokemon, etc. But the two do still fall into their categories.), but try to make the two match up. 

8. I would really like if people didn't match up their Pokemon choices (to be shown next to the trainer) with somebody else's, especially in the same category. I won't be strict on this, but if you see a Pokemon is taken and wouldn't mind another choice, it'd be really nice if you could consider using that one instead. 

Some canon characters may possibly appear (such as Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members). 

Taken Spots:
:bulletred: Fire types: None
:bulletgreen: Grass types: None
:bulletblue: Water types: None
:bulletblack: Dark types: None
:bulletpurple: Ghost types: None
:bulletpink: Psychic types: None
:bulletyellow: Normal types: None
:bulletblack: Fighting types: None
:bulletorange: Flying types: One slot taken (Braviary)
:bulletblack: Steel types: None
:bulletyellow: Electric Types: None
:bulletblue: Dragon types: None
:bulletblack: Ground types: None
:bulletblack: Rock type: None
:bulletgreen: Bug Types: None
:bulletwhite: Ice types: None
:bulletpink: Fairy Types: None
:bulletpurple: Poison types: Possibly mostly taken, we'll see. Ask me about it, I may greatly consider!

I hope this doesn't seem too strict, I'm sorry! I just really want to fit the setting. 

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